How To Lose Belly Fat With The Help Of Calorie Deficit

There are so many struggling to lose their weight these days yet only a few manage to be successful. If you are wondering why, they keep with them guides that will help make their dietary plans successful. As of this time, the number of people dying from various diseases such as diabetes and stroke are getting higher each passing year. This is because of the amount of food they eat each day. One thing that these people don’t realize is that they need to cut down the calorie intake. Each person has a specific amount of calorie intake that depends on their BMR.

Calorie is the amount of food that produces energy. Certain age and height has a specific amount of calories needed each day. So when you take in food, it makes you energize. Calories are needed in order for the body to function properly. When you exceed the specific amount of calories needed by your body, those extra calories are then deposited elsewhere, gaining weight. When you take in lesser calories needed per day, the body takes the needed energy from belly fat in order to keep the body with energy. For example your body’s specific calorie intake per day is 2000 and you only take in food amounting to 1000 calories. Your body will look for other sources to give energy which is taking from the belly fat that is storing dormant in your body. This way, you will certainly lose weight if you keep it permanently. But if you have taken more calories than your body needs like 2500 calories, the extra 500 is then deposited in the fat stores. This is how you gain weight if you keep it up.

BMR is also necessary to know how much calories your body can burn per day. If you have calculated of your specific BMR, you will be able to put up a plan that ensures your body to lose belly fat less than a month.

This maybe the first time you have heard of such things. There are plenty of diet books out there and yet it makes no mention of calorie deficit. They have misled their readers into eating ‘special’ foods or heavy workouts. When you work out yet exceed the calorie intake necessary for your body per day, you will lose weight either slowly or not at all. If they have not specifically mentioned this number one rule of weight loss, then it is no wonder why majority of the dieters are struggling to on how to lose belly fat fast.


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